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About Smash Lash Studio

Smash Lash Studio was created with passion, creativity and love by Karen who is a dedicated artist and begun her career at a young age. She started as a makeup artist and fell in love with the field. She became a cosmetologist and loved how the beauty world allows you to express who are, boosts your confidence and lets you have fun with your self image. Through makeup she discovered her love of contouring and enhancing peoples faces to make them feel their best! She became certified in classic and volume lash extensions, believing that lashes could have the same creative expression as makeup. Karen has been trained by multiple prestigious NYC lash masters and has been certified in multiple lash brands. Let Karen shape and define your every day or special occasion look!

Smash Lash Client Experiences

Most popular

Classic Full Set

For a fuller natural look. The more lashes placed the darker the look becomes. The fullness of this set depends on how many natural lashes are available. 80-120 per eye.


Hybrid 1 Week Touch Up

1 week from previous appointment 1 day grace period given.


Eye brow Tint

All natural, chemical free alternative to filling in your eyebrows every day without the commitment of tattooing. The tint stains the skin and hair giving a makeup finished look. The stain on the skin last 1-2 weeks, the hairs will remain tinted for about 4-6 weeks. Shaping & wax/tweezing included.


Bridal makeup ( In Studio Bridal )

For the big day ! Complementary strip lashes with every bride!


What People Say

  • Karen has been doing my lashes for the last four years. Her work is so CONSISTENTLY AMAZING and I am constantly getting compliments on my lashes. I have sent multiple friends and acquaintances to her and she never disappoints, I can’t recommend Karen enough!

    Jessica M

  • The best lash extensions I’ve ever had. I have tried a million places and Karen is the best lash artist there is. I’ve gone to cheap “good” places that wind up ruining your lashes long term, and I’ve tried super crazy over priced places and they ripped out my lashes as well! Smash Lash uses the best products the best and newest techniques and is amazing long term. I love my lashes and I love going here. Highly, Highly recommended!!

    Kristina B

  • Karen has been doing my lashes for three years straight and my own lashes are complete fine ! Smash Lash Studio is the perfect location, super clean, very cute and stylish as well! Amazing price, great lashes and the best lash technician!!

    Anna L

  • Best place for eyelash extensions, wouldn’t go anywhere else

    Chelsea M